A highlight film is a powerful tool for athletes to get noticed during the recruiting process. A highlight video is exactly that: Clips of your game footage that highlight your talent and skill. These videos are important because they save coaches time by allowing them to quickly review hundreds of student-athletes without having to visit them in person.

A skills video, unlike a highlight video, includes a series of staged sport-specific actions outside of a game setting. It is not necessary for every sport or position but can be a helpful way to demonstrate to coaches your technical abilities and mastery of a key skill.

Pro Tip – Should parents speak to coaches?

While it’s true that a strong support system – including parents – can help athletes navigate the ups and downs of their recruiting journeys, it’s important not to get over involved because “negative sideline behavior and helicopter parenting can scare away coaches.” The best things a parent can do are to provide support and encouragement, avoid taking the lead in interactions with coaches and allow their student-athlete to be the one to shine.

Does this mean parents shouldn’t talk to college coaches?

Not so fast! Parents can (and should) talk to coaches throughout the recruiting process – but they should also know when to speak up, and when to let their child lead the way.  We’ve broken down when parents should and shouldn’t talk to a coach, what topics to stick to and how to encourage the student-athlete to speak up.

At the end of the day, college coaches aren’t recruiting parents – they’re recruiting student-athletes. They want to get to know their potential recruits and build a relationship with them first. The more involved parents are, the more it detracts from the athlete connecting with a coach, and ultimately, hinders their chances of getting recruited. A surefire way to get noticed, and remain on a coach’s radar? Allow the athlete to take the lead and provide a highlight Film!

Here at DigitalReel Productions we can help you in that process. Scott Chartier has been coaching football for over 26 years and involved a many other sports over the years, understands the process, and can put together a impressive highlight reel the will attract college coaches, whatever the sport.

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Event PackageExtended PackageSeason Highlight
$125+$100Starting at $500
– Record 1 sporting event
– We pick the plays
– Usually 2-3 minutes long
– Full cinematic features
– Upload to YouTube
– Free Download of finished product
– For each additional event recorded
– Additional minute of reel per event
– DVD/MP4 Download of unedited event
– We will film approx 6 games
– Usually 5-6 minutes long
– Full cinematic features
– Upload to YouTube
– Free Download of finished product