Creating videos that look good is easy!

Creating videos that work is THE HARD PART.

At DigitalReel Productions, we produce videos with the client’s goals in mind. We’re not big fans of filming something just for the sake of making it look good. It’s about getting the client a direct response from their creative.

Whether that means raising more funds for a non-profit, selling more of a small business’ service or simply growing audience visibility on a livestream for a big corporation.

Every project we set out to do, every client that we meet, we are bringing our best talent.Period.

What types of videos do you create?

We thought you’d never ask!

We love creating anything our clients would love to capture, from weddings to sports, but we have truly mastered the livestreaming and virtual event space.

If you’re seeking a partner on your next in-person, hybrid or completely virtual event, contact us to learn more about how we can help.

How can livestreaming benefit my organization?

Livestreamed events can traditionally be a broadcast to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Hopin and more.

By going completely virtual you no longer rely on getting everyone in one room, Guest presenters could call in from the other side of the world. You also save money on hotel expenses.

Hybrid events allow conferences already happening in person to reach a bigger audience and in turn, generate more sales, increase exposure & boost event accessibility. From closed captioning to translation services, we’ve done it all.

Pre-Production & Planning

DigitalReel Productions begins every project with a discovery call to discuss your needs, goals and past examples. We’ll create an estimate & contract before beginning work.


Filming, livestreaming and everything in between. Our team will come on site and handle everything, soup to nuts.


Video editing and revisions are different for every project. Each client will receive a timeline & estimate for completion to fit their deadlines.